Lambs raised at Plowshare Farms.

Our Story

Plowshare Farms has been growing organic, chemical-free produce and raising grass-fed lamb in Bucks County, PA since 2014.  Through sustainable farming practices like composting, cover-cropping, and remineralizing, Teddy and Faith Moynihan have enriched the farm’s once-depleted soil, reclaiming old hay fields to produce delicious and fulfilling food.  Plowshare rejects the use of chemical pesticides, favoring a more holistic approach: increasing biodiversity, improving plant health, and nurturing the land’s natural ability to protect against pests.  Budding birdwatchers, Teddy and Faith have observed a marked increase in the number and diversity of bird species that make their home at Plowshare.

The farm is located at: 111 Stover Park Road, Pipersville, Pa 18947


We offer shares of our organic produce through our weekly CSA, available for pickup in Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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